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Women Afield — Tips on Buying a Spotting Scope

Women who are taking up the shooting sports are on the rise and so is the number of women hitting the woods to go hunting. This means the number of women shopping for outdoor-related gear is also increasing. Spotting scopes are an essential piece of gear for shooters, especially long range shooters. With so many makes and models to choose from shopping for spotting scopes may seem like a daunting task but it does not have to be.

UnderTech UnderCover Tank Top


Women Afield — CCW Undergarment Options

For the vast majority of CCW permit holders across this great county they often choose to carry their firearm on their person each and every day therefore the market for CCW apparel, gear, holsters, handbags and more has exploded. Unfortunately for many of us ladies, the apparel options are still limited. Because of the lack of actually CCW apparel for women it has forced us to focus on our “methods” for carrying rather than actual garments. Typically, we ladies get discouraged and end up using a clunky holster and then disguising our bodies with layered looks, jackets or fuller tops. But there are some practical options now available for women.

Turkey Tail and Pin Cushion


Women Afield — DIY Turkey Tail Fan Mount

Turkey season is over and luckily you have successfully filled your wild turkey tag. Now you wish to preserve the memories of your hunt with a taxidermy mount. Most taxidermy mounts require a certain skill set but there are a few taxidermy projects like a turkey tail fan mount that are easy and perfect for the DIY person. In just nine simple steps, you can you have your prize turkey tail fan mounted and ready for presentation.

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Women Afield — Set Up for Success

The old saying “we’ve come a long way baby” rings loud and clear for many women who actively participate in shooting, hunting, fishing and other traditionally male-dominated activities. In the last decade, we have seen more and more of these types of activities dusting off the welcome mat for women. We also have seen more manufacturers that once only catered to men now engineering and designing more female-friendly gear. Why? Because companies have learned women are like men in many ways and are eager to spend money on their hobbies and favorite pastimes.