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ATF Opens Comment Period on Proposed Ban on Popular Shotguns

The US government is continuing its incursion on the rights of gun owners, especialy on those with magazines holding more than 10 rounds. Read this post to review the specifics of the proposed legislation and what organizations are stepping up to take a stand—against gun owners.

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Numbering Your Magazines

Numbering your gear, whether magazines, holsters or speedloaders, could mean the difference between life and death when using your gun for personal defense. It could mean the difference between “win” or “lose” at a competition. Read the post to discover why this simple step makes all the difference.

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Cheaper Than Dirt! Interviews Sarah Irish

Cheaper Than Dirt! interviews Sarah Irish, a young female competitor who is taking the competitions by storm. She is a powerful shooter who represents the young shooters well with her wins in competitions like USPSA World Championship Steel Challenge. Read the details in this article.