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Competitive Shooting

Let the Games Begin! Top Shot Returns

The first thing Top Shot viewers will want to know is, who made the cut for All-Stars? Not a single winner is included among the cast, and only two runners-up, Chris Cerino (TS1) and Brian Zins (TS2). Some of the fan favorites aren’t there either, but before anyone screams boycott, let me explain. Many TS competitors have gone on to more diverse experiences, and may actually be even better this time around. This will be a real competition, and I expect to see some amazing shooting. In my opinion, this could be the best season yet.

Competitive Shooting

The Evolution of Shooting

Why do you own a gun? Do you shoot for a living? Are you a sponsored hunter, marksman or competitive shooter? Maybe you are in law enforcement, or the military? If not, then you probably own a firearm for two simple reasons: Personal protection and the pure joy of shooting!