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All tan AR-15 built by Black Rain.


Range Envy: 10 Really Cool AR-15s

In its over 50-year history, individuals and manufacturers have really pushed the envelope in the design and in accessorizing the AR-15. In fact, that is one reason why the AR-15 is so popular—its modularity. Some AR-15s operate internally like Eugene Stoner’s original design, but look nothing similar, while some rifle look identical to the traditional black rifle, but internally do not operate the same at all. These 10 AR-15s from LWRC, H&K, Rock River Arms, Daniel Defense, Windham Weaponry and others not only look tacticool, but have plenty of innovative features and top of the line parts. Create range envy with any of these really cool AR-15s available for sale at Cheaper Than Dirt!

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield


Top Selling Smith & Wesson M&P Firearms

Smith & Wesson’s Military & Police handguns have been popular with law enforcement, military and civilians alike since 1899. S&W continues the legend with its concealed carry pistols the .380 Bodyguard and the M&P Shield. The M&P15 series of AR-15s are also best sellers. Reliability, accuracy and affordability make the M&P guns some of the best target, competition and self-defense guns you can buy. Here is Cheaper Than Dirt’s list of the top 10 best selling S&W M&P handguns and rifles.

Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22


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Windham Weaponry CDI AR-15 rifles black left side profile


Top 10 AR-15 Rifles of 2019

Shooter’s Log writer, Dave Dolbee has compiled a top 10 list of ARs—in no particular order—for 2104 with at least one notable exception. Can you spot it? Match your top 10 list against other readers and see how your list compares.



Top 10 AR-15 Posts 2014

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Charter Arms 9mm Pit Bull in Galco SOB Holster


All-Time Top 10 Most Read Top 10s

Why waste time searching for the penultimate articles on Cheaper Than Dirt! when we have done the work for you! Check out the all-time top 10, top 10 lists. That’s 100 premium articles at your fingertips!

Mikhail Kalashnikov

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Most Commented Stories Top 10

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Shooting The ARX-100


Top 10 Beretta Articles

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