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Open carry without a permit is now legal in Mississippi.


Reminder: Texas Open Carry is Here!

On January 1, 2016, Texas Open Carry becomes legal. Watch this important video on the basics of Open Carry from Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Michele Byington.

What if teachers could carry their guns with them?


In Texas, TCU Opts Out of Campus Carry–Others May Follow

Parents nationwide who love the 2nd Amendment and are trying to decide which college to pay for should know that, despite a new Texas law that takes effect in August 2016, their CHL-equipped college-age children will not be allowed to carry concealed weapons on the grounds of Texas Christian University, based in Fort Worth. Other private colleges plan to follow suit. Click to see which ones:

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DOJ Files Brief Seeking to Overturn Mance v. Lynch 

U.S. Law Shield saw that the U.S. Department of Justice has filed its opening brief with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in Mance v. Lynch. The case has caused remarkably little news coverage for the impact it could have.

Man with a pistol on his hip refilling a drink at a restaurant.


Abbott Signs Texas Open-Carry Law

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed landmark open-carry legislation today, making the Lone Star State the 44th to recognize the right of modern handgun open-carry. Click to read more about the new law.

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Texas Open Carry Update: Sizable Limitations Are Still in Place

In this 2-minute video, Texas Law Shield Program Attorney Edwin Walker covers the status of current Open Carry legislation in the State Congress. See why certain provisions may not be understood by gunowners because the law is not a Constitutional Carry versions like in a handful of other states.