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No Enforcement of Federal Gun Laws in Texas? New State Law Proposed

Other states have tried, unsuccessfully, to stop the federal government from enforcing its gun control laws within their borders. Recently, Kansas enacted the Second Amendment Protection Act that made it a felony for federal agents to enforce any gun laws within Kansas. Unfortunately, that did not work and two Kansas residents were convicted of violating the National Firearms Act a few weeks ago. Texas is seeking to accomplish a federal enforcement ban, but is approaching it from a different angle—lack of cooperation.

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U.S. Law Shield: Florida Good Samaritan Analysis: Licensed Carrier Saves Deputy

A good samaritan saw an assault on a police officer and decided to intervene. He approached the fight, drew his firearm—which he legally possessed—and ordered the suspect to stop what he was doing multiple times. When the suspect didn’t, the good samaritan shot three times, resulting in the death of the suspect. Was this good samaritan justified or guilty of a crime?

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U.S. Law Shield: National Reciprocity Wanted as Trump’s First Gun-Law

U.S. Law Shield/Texas Law Shield surveyed its members to determine which law or laws topped the list of what its members wanted. Topping the list was National Concealed Carry Reciprocity, Ending Gun-Free Zones On Military Bases, Legalizing Silencers, NICS Background Check Reform, and Allowing Importation of Collectible Historical Firearms.

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Video: Firearms in School Zones, Federal vs. State Law

Many people with firearms think they know the local laws affecting them, but do you know the state law? Did you know you could be arrested for simply driving by a school with a firearm. In this video, U.S. Law Shield breaks breaks down the laws and contrasts them against the laws of Texas, but it is a great start to do your own research for your regardless where you live.

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Texas Law Shield: What Should I Do After Having To Defend Myself?

Whenever a critical event happens, we seldom rise to the occasion but instead fall back on our training. While it’s common sense to train our skills at the range, seldom do we practice what to do after the bang! as much as we practice what to do before the bang! With this in mind, here is a five-point mental training list of what you should do if you ever have to use your firearm in self-defense.

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You Be the Judge: Does ‘LTC’ Mean License to Chase?

On the Texas Law Shield Facebook page April 24, the group’s lawyers shared a story about an individual with a License to Carry who chased after a group of thieves that had just taken large quantities of merchandise from a store in The Woodlands. The individual ended up opening fire on the thieves’ stolen van in the mall parking lot.