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NRA 2014 Annual Meetings & Exhibits — Saturday/Sunday Presentations

If you want to know more about guns used at the Battle of the Bulge, want to learn how to prepare your mind for survival, or want to see how to become a “sheepdog” to protect your family, here are Special Presentations that cover those topics and more Saturday and Sunday at the 2014 NRA Show.

Legal Issues

The Other Side Begins Calling for Action Against Gun Owners

The gun-rights debate is taking a nastier-than-usual turn, wherein members of the anti-gun-rights crowd are publicly calling for the federal government to move against gun-rights supporters — in particular, the NRA and its leadership — and arrest, jail, try, rendition, or otherwise attack outspoken gun-rights supporters.


NRA Annual Meetings Takeaway: Gun Ownership Alive and Well

Most refer to it as the NRA Convention. But in reality, last week’s gathering in Houston is formally called the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, because the event is more than just one big meeting. All in, it is an NRA 3-Day weekend, with dozens of meetings and seminars and hundreds of exhibits put together for the group’s more than 5 million members. By almost any measure, the recently concluded National Rifle Association 142nd Annual Meetings & Exhibits, held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston May 3-5, was a rollicking success.