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Picture shows a black, pump-action shotgun.


Like a Hot Knife Through Butter: Rock Island M5 Smooth As Silk Pump-Action Shotgun

With one look, experienced shotgunners will probably want to ask, “Just tell me. Is it a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500 clone?” On the contrary, Rock Island Armory’s M5 pump-action shotgun is neither. The M5 is actually based on the underrated, now obsolete High Standard Manufacturing Flite-King pump-action shotguns. High Standard used to market its shotguns as the “world’s fastest firing pump-action shotguns.” They eject by gravity alone. Sounds crazy, but flip the M5 upside down, click the slide release and it does just that.

Range Reports

Rock Island 1911A1 and Tactical .45—Range Report

Fans of Rock Island Armory’s 1911 handguns affectionately refer to their pistol of choice as ‘The Rock.’ This nickname is appropriate and valid. These are reliable handguns and if they do not win a beauty contest, well, we don’t call the 1911 ‘Old Ugly’ for nothing.


BLACKHAWK Legacy X6P, X9P, X6 Night-Ops Hand Held Flashlights

Light it up! The three handheld flashlights from BLACKHAWK are a very good choice in tactical illumination. The name BLACKHAWK has always meant quality to me when it comes to most anything tactical. These three lights are no different. For the person not able to spend close to $100.00 on a light for there night shooting or to attach to their shotgun you will thrilled with these lights.

Blades and Knives

What Makes a Folding Knife Tactical?

Sales of tactical folding knives have swelled in the past few years. Hundreds of different models are being offered and it’s rare to see a major knife manufacturer that doesn’t offer some sort of knife in this category. But what makes a folding knife “tactical,” and are they popular for a good reason or is this just a dumb fad?