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What Makes a Folding Knife Tactical?

Sales of tactical folding knives have swelled in the past few years. Hundreds of different models are being offered and it’s rare to see a major knife manufacturer that doesn’t offer some sort of knife in this category. But what makes a folding knife “tactical,” and are they popular for a good reason or is this just a dumb fad?

Black Smith & Wesson Governor, barrel pointed to the left on a white background


Smith & Wesson Governor .410 bore/.45LC/.45 ACP Revolver

The S&W Governor is a powerful .45 ACP Revolver meant to compete with the Taurus Judge. With multiple caliber capabilities and a lightweight scandium alloy frame, it carries forward Smith & Wesson’s rich history of revolver manufacturing and dedication to the personal protection market. Read this summary to discover the details.

Read this summary to discover the details.