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Competitive Shooting

Numbering Your Magazines

Numbering your gear, whether magazines, holsters or speedloaders, could mean the difference between life and death when using your gun for personal defense. It could mean the difference between “win” or “lose” at a competition. Read the post to discover why this simple step makes all the difference.

man drawing a concealed weapon from his pants pocket


Pocket .380 Pistols

As more and more states pass laws allowing concealed carry, millions have turned to the lightweight and easily concealed pocket .380 pistol for personal defense. But which are the best pocket pistols and why? Check out this article for details on the options.

Gray Kel-Tec 30, barrel pointed to the right on a white background


SHOT Show 2010 Day 3 Recap

On Day 3 of SHOT 2010 we discovered new items from Kel-Tec, Blackdog, Tactical Solutions, Vltor, Smith & Wesson, Česká Zbrojovka, Rossi & more.