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Two men, one a young blond in grey t-shirt, the other gray haired in a green tshirt, use a Commander .45 to practice, practice, practice.


Choosing a Defensive Handgun

There are a lot of factors when choosing a handgun to protect you and your family. First and foremost is picking the right handgun for your size and needs, then training and practice. In this article you’ll discover perfect way to test out a potential fit before shelling out hundreds of dollars and recommendations on some of the best handguns for personal defense .

A gray-haired man in a blue and black plaid jacket with red ear protection fires a Smith and Wesson Miliary and Police .38 at a target with a wooded area behind him.


Golden Guns for Everyone: The Orthopedic Winners

There are many ways and options to keep shooting even when you have a disability, whether because your joints cannot handle the recall or your vision is not what it used to be. Check out this post for options that keep you shooting whether in self defense, at the range or in the woods.