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The New Ruger LCP Custom—A Better Shooting LC

Ruger’s LC series of handguns have been popular since their introduction. Every where, Ruger is improving on the popular design—first by eliminating the external safety on the LC9s now and now for 2015, upgrading the sights and trigger to the Ruger LCP. After shooting the Ruger LCP Custom at Media Day at the Range, everyone agrees, it feels like a completely new gun. Will the Ruger LCP Custom’s features convince you to buy this pocket pistol? Find out by reading “The New Ruger LCP Custom—A Better Shooting LC.”

Gray Ruger Gunsite bolt-action rifle chambered for 5.56mm NATO


10 New Products Featured at SHOT Show 2015

For the four days of SHOT Show 2015, The Shooter’s Log brought you daily coverage of all the new firearms, optics and accessories that manufacturers showed off during the show. Many of those items were much anticipated, such as GLOCK’s Gen4 G40 10mm—so many can’t wait to get their hands on one. Another product we are anxious to get is the Magpul GLOCK PMAG. However, we will have to wait until later in the year to get those. But, there are 10 new products features in The Chronicle that you can now buy from Cheaper Than Dirt! Here are ten new products for sale that we featured at SHOT Show 2015.

Great Day Over-the-Door Rifle Rack

Gear, Parts and Accessories

SHOT 2015—Great Day’s Self-Defense Gun Rack

How many times have you heard, “the best gun in the world is the one you are carrying?” Today, many even advocate carrying while in your own home. With a home invasion in the United States happening once ever nine minutes, the odds of your number are low, but who wants to risk it? Read this article to learn about a great at-home gun rack system that could save your life.

Minox SLIM Wildlife Camera


SHOT Show 2015 Special Edition Day 4: New Accessories

New accessories at the 2015 SHOT Show lights, calls, packs, blinds, coolers, flashlights, game cameras, and more that hunters and shooters crave: the Alps Outdoorz Traverse X, the Duck Commander Kid’s First Blind, Birchwood Casey Hopper Spit protectant, Bushnell’s new 14MP Trophy Cam Aggressor, the Daniel Defense SLiM Rail, Leapers, UTG Pro Model 4, and more…

Three pistols, one GLOCK with a .22 TCM 9R conversion kit

Gear, Parts and Accessories

SHOT 2015—RIA .22 TCM 9R GLOCK Conversion Kit

The Shooter’s Log writers are big fans of Armscor’s .22 TCM round. We were especially intrigued when we saw GLOCKs at the RIA booth. The company has developed a working production model of its .22 TCM 9R GLOCK 17 Gen 3 conversion kit. With a barrel, guide rod and recoil spring, you can shoot the brand new .22 TCM 9R round through your GLOCK 17 9mm, using GLOCK mags. We have more information in our blog “SHOT 2015—RIA .22 TCM 9R GLOCK Conversion Kit.”

Universal rail green laser mounted to a GLOCK.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

SHOT 2015—Crimson Trace Goes Green

Crimson Trace brought a variety of products with them to SHOT Show 2015—many of them green lasers. From Lasergrips to Laserguards, Crimson Trace has a laser for every popular handgun on the market—including the M&P Shield, GLOCK 42, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and the new Ruger LCR/X. The company highlighted 11 products at its booth and a few of them caught our eye, especially the universal Rail Master green laser for pistols, shotguns and rifles—including AR-15. Read more about Crimson Trace’s new lasers on the Shooter’s Log.

Taurus TCP handgun with wings mounted to the back of the slide


SHOT 2015—New From Taurus

Taurus introduced its new handguns for 2015 at the SHOT Show. The line-up includes the innovative Curve, a TCP .380 with wings for those who struggle with racking the slide, the Non-View and Model 85 revolver with convertible hammer. Curious to find out what the specifications of these guns are? Read the Shooter’s Log coverage of SHOT Show 2015 for more details.

Wood stock over/under shotgun made by Benelli with nickel-engraved receiver


SHOT 2015—Benelli’s First Over Under Shotgun The 828U

It may look somewhat traditional, but the new Benelli 828U is nothing but. A totally reimaged and rethought over/under, the 828U is Benelli’s first ever. With a brand new operating system that captures all pressure in the monoblock, there is no stress on the receiver. Meaning Benelli could add a lightweight alloy receiver on this new over/under shotgun. That isn’t the only innovative idea on the Benelli 828U. Read the Shooter’s Log coverage of all the new firearms and learn more about Benelli’s new over/under shotgun.