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Ruger LCP


Review of the Ruger LC9: Is It TOO Safe?

The Ruger LC9 is a reliable, high performing handgun available and legal in almost all locations with tons of built-in safety features. Although some think there are too many safety features, Ruger listened to their customers and purpose-built a gun that meets strict regulations for states with restrictive gun laws. Is the LC9 worthy of a look?


Colt Percussion Revolvers

it was Samuel Colt who perfected the revolver system, leading to the formation of one of the preeminent and most historic firearms companies in the world. Discover how it evolved in this post.

Black Ruger LC9, right side view, barrel pointed to the right, on a white background


Ruger LC9 Pistol

Read this post to learn all ins and outs of the Ruger LC9, including what makes it a discreet carry for citizens and law enforcement personnel.