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The New Faces of NRA News and Why They Matter

The firearms community is not all- anything. It isn’t all-male, it isn’t all-white, it isn’t all-Republican and it definitely isn’t all-hunter, so why would the largest gun-rights group be made up of a demographic that it doesn’t represent? No, the NRA is full of members of different races, genders, affiliations and creeds. Now, the NRA is letting those who weren’t aware of the NRA’s diversity know that it is okay to join the ranks.

Colion Noir: Ignorance and Politics


NRA News Today: Politics and Ignorance

Being dictated to and treated like children by the ruling elite who, tell us, we don’t need certain types of weapons to adequately protect ourselves from the lower class, criminal element, who’s chomping at the bits, rooting for this gun control legislation because it only makes their job easier to feast on us law-abiding citizens like sheep because you’ve left us defenseless.