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Top 5 Cheaper Than Dirt! Facebook Posts as of May 25, 2013

Our friends on the CTD! Facebook page Liked these items this week: The Apache pistol is a revolver with metal knuckles and dagger in one handheld weapon; ATK (Federal Premium, CCI, Speer ammunition) buys Caliber Company (Savage Arms, Stevens, and Savage Range Systems); we meet Olympic 3-position-rifle Gold Medal winner Jamie Gray at NRA.


NRA Annual Meetings Video: Glenn Beck

Radio host Glenn Beck speaks at the NRA Stand and Fight Rally, an event of the 2013 NRA Annual Meetings in Houston, Texas. In his highly-anticipated keynote speech, Beck conveys his message through stories often ignored by the mainstream media of law-abiding citizens defending themselves with firearms, and the cold, hard facts about gun control that have been rejected by the political elites. “So what is this gun, good or evil? It is nothing! A gun is only a reflection of the people that use it,” he declares. Originally aired on 5/4/13.


NRA Annual Meetings Video: Taya Kyle, Widow of Chris Kyle

Taya Kyle, widow of Chris Kyle, addresses the crowd at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, an event of the 2013 NRA Annual Meetings in Houston, Texas. Chris Kyle was fatally shot at a gun range in February. He was a former Navy SEAL and expert sniper who killed 160 people during five combat tours in Iraq, a record for a U.S. military sniper. Originally aired 5/3/13.

NRA Mark Levin


NRA Annual Meetings Video: Radio Host Mark Levin

On the opening day of the show (May 3, 2013), radio host, lawyer, and author Mark Levin addressed the crowd at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum. Levin stresses the importance of the Second Amendment and praises the NRA for being “the paramount voice for individual sovereignty and liberty.” Levin confesses to being a late arrival to the gun-rights party, saying that he has been an NRA life member for only 18 months and a gun owner for 18 months. He thanked the NRA for waking him up to the fight for gun rights.


NRA Annual Meetings Takeaway: Gun Ownership Alive and Well

Most refer to it as the NRA Convention. But in reality, last week’s gathering in Houston is formally called the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, because the event is more than just one big meeting. All in, it is an NRA 3-Day weekend, with dozens of meetings and seminars and hundreds of exhibits put together for the group’s more than 5 million members. By almost any measure, the recently concluded National Rifle Association 142nd Annual Meetings & Exhibits, held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston May 3-5, was a rollicking success.