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Bring it! Bloomberg Attempts to Fight Fire with Fire

Should the NRA be scared? Former New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action Shannon Watts joined forces recently to regroup as Everytown for Gun Safety. Pledging to donate $50 million of his own money, Bloomberg says they will use grassroots tactics to appeal to mothers across 15 states encouraging them to vote for anti-gun politicians and legislation. Fighting fire with fire? Read the rest to see what chance the new group has against gun owners.

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Legal Issues

Gabriel Razzano: ‘Ineligible’ in NY, and Fighting Back

American citizen Gabriel Razzano gets stripped of his Second Amendment-guaranteed rights when exercising his First Amendment rights. Read about Razzano’s 6+ year fight to restore his right to keep and bear arms in this well-articulated report from Guns Magazine field editor David Codrea.

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Legal Issues

Chalk One Up for the Good Guys! Defending the Second Amendment

We get plenty of bad news when it comes to legal battles and regulations regarding our Second Amendment rights. Fortunately, there are several organizations fighting to retain our rights and reverse the efforts of over zealous anti-gun lawmakers. This is the first installment and recaps pro Second Amendment wins and challenges from the previous month.

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New York’s Gun Grabbers Lose as Remington Sends Jobs to Alabama

New York has launched a new campaign, Start Up NY touting a business-friendly attitude by promising a 10-year tax holiday for any business that is started, relocates or expands in New York. During this same time, Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Schumer, Governor Cuomo and others have made every effort to show exactly why businesses should not trust the Excelsior state (Ever Upward). Tax free? Maybe. Needlessly over regulated? Most definitely. Remington has responded!