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NSSF: $25 Million More to Anti-Gun Group Will Fund a Lot of Astroturf

Everytown for Gun Safety and its billionaire founder and funder, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have pledged to spend $25 million to prevent national concealed carry reciprocity from becoming law on Capitol Hill, to increase their gun control efforts in state capitols and to oppose pro-Second Amendment candidates in the rapidly approaching 2018 midterm elections. It’s a whole lot of astroturf.

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NRA: New York Wants Handguns to be Rationed in Virginia

Whenever a politician or anti gunner proposes legislation and explains it as common sense, there is one thing you can be sure of, it is anything but common sense to gun owners or those who believe in the Second Amendment. Such is the case of the call from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe for the enactment of a new one-handgun-a-month law to mimic a handgun rationing law that was repealed in 2012.

Students can carry at the University of Utah. Reported sexual assault is 58 percent less than the national average.

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Which Colleges Allow Guns on Campus

Despite a state’s concealed carry laws—colleges and universities may prohibit guns on campus. Only a few states allow students with permits to defend themselves while on campus. Here is a list of colleges to consider when it’s time to choose you or your kid’s education.

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Brady Campaign Goes All In to Prop Up Hillary with “Visionary” Award

The Brady Center’s effort at grabbing a headline started by coming up with a new award named after (anti-gun) former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. The night was everything you would imagine—a bunch of like-minded gun grabbers telling each other how smart they are while drinking the Kool-Aid. It was also a night you and I should take notice of. Read why.



Second Circuit Upholds New York SAFE Act—Threatens Second Amendment

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the New York SAFE Act of 2013 on Monday, October 19, 2015. That is bad news for the residents of New York, but it paves a path to a much more serious threat to the Second Amendment. Read the full story for details and the potential danger to your future gun ownership.



Group Used Actors for NYC Gun Store Facade

States United To Prevent Gun Violence opened a “gun store” in NYC as a hidden camera social experiment. One problem: Not only was the store not real, neither were the customers — they were actors. Click to see what lengths the group went to deceive the public.