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black SIG Sauer P320 9mm pistol left


Knives, Guns and Lower Receivers New to Cheaper Than Dirt!

A little something for everyone on this week’s list of new products. Rather you are a camper, shooter or military surplus collector—if you are interested in pursuing outdoor activities, Cheaper Than Dirt meets your needs. Check out Gerber’s newest camp knife, Midwest Industries AR-15 billet stripped lower receiver, SIG Sauer’s P320 first striker-fired pistol and a military surplus duffle bag that doubles as a backpack. Jump on our deals now before we sell out!

Picture shows a Saiga.


High Powered Headlines: August 7, 2014

Is the gun that the GLOCK Model 42 should have been on its way? Speaking of guns, we discuss nine new “smart” guns in development—some with such scary technology that the gun will sense when it is in a gun free zone and will cease to fire. Further, RWC Group plans to release a few Saiga rifles from Kalashnikov Concern that are still available in September. We have item numbers for you! Today’s High Powered Headlines featured in the Shooter’s Log, Cheaper Than Dirt!’s blog has the hottest news that gun owners want to read.

Picture shows a resin bobblehead doll of Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty.


High Powered Headlines: August 5, 2014

For news that affects the gun world, look no further than Cheaper Than Dirt’s The Shooter’s Log. Today, Tuesday, August 5, 2015’s high-powered headlines include pro-gun news; such as New Jersey politician files a law granting protection to legal gun owners, new pro-gun laws take effect in Louisiana and a South Carolina Sheriff urges citizens to arm themselves. In other news, we introduce a special section titled, “Military News” for those who serve. You will also find product announcements, rebates and new items.

Picture shows a black tactical semiautomatic shotgun.


New Product Spotlight: “The Five Most Dangerous Guns”

Kristen Gwynne from Rolling Stone recently named the five most dangerous guns in America—which just so happened to be… well…all of them. Her journalism or lack of journalism rather was hilariously ripped apart on the internet. This week, Cheaper Than Dirt! has five new guns to highlight—a Derringer made by Bond Arms, the Ruger LCRx revolver, Steyr Arms L40-A1, Beretta’s new awesome 1301 Tactical semiauto shotgun and POF’s first entry level AR-15, the Puritan. Personally, I’ll take all five! Read on to find out details about these newest products.

Picture shows a beautiful Browning Citori 725 Trap over/under shotgun with an oil-finished glossy wood stock.


High Powered Headlines: July 29, 2014

There is rarely a dull day in the firearms industry—rather its new gun control legislation or minor win for gun owners. Today is no exception. Pictures are already circulating of people carrying openly in Washington D.C., the federal court of appeals rules in favor of the ATF, Smith & Wesson settles a $2 million corruption charge, while in bizarre news of the world two women in Austin are counter protesting Come and Take it Texas by baring their breasts.

Picture shows a black Ruger 9E, full-sized 9mm pistol.


New Reliable Products at Affordable Prices

As the number of gun owners raises, so does the demand for good quality products at affordable prices and supply is meeting that demand. Here are four products that don’t break the bank.

Picture shows a black, small-framed .38 Special revolver with an integrated frame-mounted Crimson Trace laser module.


High Powered Headlines: July 21, 2014

In today’s High Powered Headlines—the shooter’s go-to blog for all firearms related news—Illinois is still struggling to comply with the state’s new Firearms Concealed Carry Act, California continues its assault on the Second Amendment and the not-reported defeat of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Every day, all around the country, politicians are making decisions that affect us as legal gun owners, while others are protecting and defending their families. The Shooter’s Log’s July 21, 2014 report documents six news stories that impact your life.

The picture shows a black, polymer-framed full sized Kahr 9mm pistol with steel slide.


Brand New Kahr CT9 and Civil Defense .38 Special Ammo In Stock!

Cheaper Than Dirt! is excited to announce five new products to its already growing line of shooting and outdoors sports products. After releasing the CT40 and CT45 at SHOT Show 2014, Kahr Arms distributes the full-sized 9mm CT9. Further, Liberty Ammunition adds the .38 Special to its popular and reliable hot Civil Defense line of ammo. These two items and more are in the CTD August 2014 catalog. Get a sneak peek here!