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The World According to Guns & Ammo: 2014’s Best of the Best Awards

Guns and Ammo magazine recently released its 2104 Best of the Best of the year awards to the best firearm, rifle, shotgun, optic, ammunition and suppressor. The editors of the leading rag of the firearms industry chose their top picks according to performance, durability and value. Some of the winners, The Shooter’s Log editors agreed with, like the H&K VP9 9mm handguns. However, other winners from the Best of the Best 2014 firearm awards are not Cheaper Than Dirt’s picks. Read on to find out who won and why.

Pump-action rifle that looks like an AR-15


Five New Must-Have Guns and Five New Accessories to Go With Them

Late in 2014, the firearms industry has seen an influx of new firearms and firearm gear, such as weapon sights, rifle stocks and AR-15 accessories. Five new firearms from Cheaper Than Dirt include affordable compact 1911 handguns, a restrictive-state safe pump-action rifle in .223 Remington and a cheap AR-10. Check out this week’s latest and greatest firearms and accessories on The Shooter’s Log.

Black AR-15 style rifle in .308 Winchester made by Colt.


Colt M.A.R.C. LE901 Rifle and Magpul M-LOK Now Available

The firearms industry continues to innovate. Franklin Armory, known for creating cool rifles for more restrictive states, develops the world’s first gas-operated rimfire rifle based on the AR-15 platform. Colt releases the much-anticipated modular LE901 series of .308 Winchester semiauto rifles and Magpul’s M-LOK accessories, handguards and vertical grips are the hottest new AR-15 accessory to have. Check out all the new firearms and gun accessories from Cheaper Than Dirt!

Springfield Armory XD and XD Mod.2 together


Springfield Armory XD Mod.2: A Whole New Feeling

Springfield Armory unveils its most recent model XD called the Springfield XD Mod.2. The redesigned and upgraded Mod.2 is slimmer with an enhanced ergonomic grip called the GripZone that gives shooters a more positive, non-slip comfortable grip. The High-Hand grip relief and Beavertail places your hand higher in the grip for more control when shooting. Check out all the features of the new Springfield XD Mod.2 gun.

.380 ACP semiautomatic pistol with black grip and frame and stainless barrel and slide


The .380 ACP Isn’t Slowing Down—New Gun Announcements

Once a caliber not many people found to be highly useful, the .380 ACP has gained an incredible amount of popularity in the last few years—especially with women. Its ease of use to rack the slide, minimal recoil and small package is desirable for the first time shooter, women shooter, elderly or those with injuries. Many are choosing the smaller .380 ACP pocket pistols for concealed carry. Though there are many sub-compact 9mm to choose from, the .380 ACP is still making its way to the top. These six new 2014 and 2015 firearms from major manufacturers such as Browning, Beretta and Magnum Research prove that the .380 as a preferred self-defense gun isn’t going away any time soon.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911U Undercover Semiautomatic Handgun with Wood Grips


Industry Firsts and True Innovation—New Rifles and Handguns

The newest firearms from Cheaper Than Dirt include the finest Winchester 1873 replica lever-action rifle you can buy, a popular competition 9mm pistol from Europe, the first ever available Bulgarian AK-74 and a true AR-15 platform chambered in .308 Winchester from DPMS. Hunters, collectors, competitive shooters and cowboy action shooters will find a firearm that fits their needs in one of these new guns.

Picture shows the Kel-Tec CMR-30 carbine.


Kel-Tec to Release CMR-30

In 2011, the Shooter’s Log reported from SHOT Show on Kel-Tec’s non-functioning prototype of the .22 Magnum RMR-30. Kel-Tec is announcing the late-2014 release of the carbine with four-position collapsible stock now called the CMR-30. It uses 30-round PMR-30 magazines and has a 50 percent increase in muzzle velocity over the pistol. Fanboys of Kel-Tec and the PMR-30 cannot wait for the release of Kel-Tec’s CMR-30.

Picture shows a bullpup design pump action shotgun in Next G1 camo.


From Range Toys to Long Range: Five Cool New Firearms

From range toys to long range, these five new firearms are undoubtedly cool—no matter your reasoning for purchasing. Daniel Defense’s DDM4v11 is an affordable AR-15, but in no way made just for entry level. Cheaper Than Dirt carries the only AR-15 platform rifle chambered for .30-06 made by Noreen Firearms. JRC makes bugging out by the sea almost fun, Smith & Wesson’s M&P 22 Compact is made right here in America and for bullpup fans who won’t wait for the Kel-Tec KSG, we have the perfect alternative—the UTAS-USA Hunting pump action shotgun in Next G1 camo.

Image shows a handgun barrel and .22 LR magazine

Consumer Information

New Guns and Gear for Sale from Cheaper Than Dirt!

Cheaper Than Dirt sells more than just guns, ammunition, and AR-15 parts, but the outdoor retailer sells an entire range of hunting and outdoor sporting goods equipment. In this week’s Shooter’s Log Chronicle spotlight, readers get a glimpse of everything Cheaper Than Dirt offers, such as a medical pack designed for search and rescue, a .22 Long Rifle conversion kit for the SIG P938, a suppressor-ready .22 Long Rifle semiautomatic rifle from Savage, and in honor of National Preparedness Month—four of the ultimate survival knives.

Image shows a desert tan plastic box that holds AR-15 magazines

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Five New Accessories You Don’t Need

There are plenty of times we buy stuff we do not need. “Because it’s cool” is a valid reason to buy a new gun, accessory or survival item. Sometimes a product that seems silly comes in handy during competition, survival, camping, hunting or hiking. Some of the weirdest items have gotten me out of a pinch when I’m out in the middle of nowhere and forgot an essential piece of my gear. These five new accessories include a magazine can for your cache, magazine koozies, a harpoon, a deck of “tactical” playing cards and LaserLyte’s newest trigger guard laser for Hi-Point pistols. Check out this week’s newest products from Cheaper Than Dirt! Be prepared to be surprised how useful many of these accessories can be.