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.327 Federal Magnum revolver by Ruger with stainless barrel and black rubber grips with a wood insert


Ruger Reintroduces the SP101 Revolver in .327 Federal Magnum

Many are excited over Ruger’s newest product re-release of the SP101 revolver chambered in .327 Federal Magnum—a slightly obscure round that does not lack popularity. Developed in 2007 between Ruger and Federal, the .327 outperforms the .357 Magnum with less recoil and muzzle blast.

Aimpoint ACO SBDD215

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After the SHOT Show: In Stock and Shipping!

It has been a couple of months since SHOT Show 2015 wrapped and while we wait to see what is introduced at the NRA show, we got our hands on five anticipated new products we introduced during our coverage at the show. In stock and shipping is the Springfield XD Mod.2, the bright Viridian XTL, Beretta .380 Pico, affordable Aimpoint ACO and the Stevens Model 555 over/under shotgun.


The New Ruger LCP Custom—A Better Shooting LC

Ruger’s LC series of handguns have been popular since their introduction. Every where, Ruger is improving on the popular design—first by eliminating the external safety on the LC9s now and now for 2015, upgrading the sights and trigger to the Ruger LCP. After shooting the Ruger LCP Custom at Media Day at the Range, everyone agrees, it feels like a completely new gun. Will the Ruger LCP Custom’s features convince you to buy this pocket pistol? Find out by reading “The New Ruger LCP Custom—A Better Shooting LC.”

Taurus TCP handgun with wings mounted to the back of the slide


SHOT 2015—New From Taurus

Taurus introduced its new handguns for 2015 at the SHOT Show. The line-up includes the innovative Curve, a TCP .380 with wings for those who struggle with racking the slide, the Non-View and Model 85 revolver with convertible hammer. Curious to find out what the specifications of these guns are? Read the Shooter’s Log coverage of SHOT Show 2015 for more details.

Black Galil ACE rifle with adjustable, side-folding stock and Pictainny rails


SHOT 2015—the Galil Returns to the USA with the IWI Galil ACE

The Galil has not been available since 1993, causing prices on the 1980s models to skyrocket. IWI, the Israeli manufacturer of the Galil recently announced the return of a the Galil to the United States with the introduction of the ACE rifle and pistol chambered in 7.62x39mm. The improvements and enhancements on the ACE make it a modular rifle that is easy and fun to shoot.

Right side detail of the Ruger LC9s Pro 9mm handgun

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Ruger Eliminates External Safeties on the New Ruger LC9s Pro Model

Ruger releases the LC9s Pro model with no external safeties. Instead, on the new Ruger is an internal striker blocker and trigger safeties. Retaining the same features as the striker-fired, polymer-framed LC9s, the Pro version has a 3.12-inch barrel and is easily concealable with a 0.90-inch width and 6-inch overall length. Cheaper Than Dirt! has the Ruger LC9s Pro model in stock and is shipping today!

Ruger LCRx revolver with 3-inch barrel and black Hogue rubber grip

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Finally Here! Five New Much-Anticipated Firearms

The popularity of the Winchester SXP Defender line of pump-action shotguns has created more availability, Bushmaster’s C22 .22 Long Rifle tactical-style black rifle competes with S&W’s M&P 15-22, while many shooters are eager to get their hands on the new Ruger LCRx 3-inch revolver. These and many more new firearms from Cheaper Than Dirt! are featured in this week’s new product spotlight.

Black, offset 45-degree angle folding sights for H&K or AR-15 rifles

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FN Makes Its High Quality Barrels Available to the Public

FN has been producing top quality rifle and handgun barrels for over 100 years and current production is over 20,000 a month. For the first time, FN is making its AR-15 barrels available for sale to the public. This week’s hottest new gun accessory is the FN AR-15 barrel. Troy Industries folding offset BattleSights for the AR-15 come a close second. Followed by Nosler BT ammo for hog, antelope and deer hunting and Thompson/Center’s Venture Compact bolt-action rifle in .223 Remington for young hunters.

AR-15 style bolt-action rifle with black tactical stock, bipod and riflescope.


There is a First Time for Everything—Four Firearm Industry Firsts

By replacing the front pivot pin on a standard AR-15, Patriot Ordnance has created an AR-15 style bolt-action rifle legal in all 50 states—even states with assault rifle bans. The POF-USA ReVolt bolt-action rifle is also the first bolt gun able to convert to semiautomatic. This is industry first is part of The Shooter’s Log four new industry firsts list. LaserLyte releases its first Center Mass laser for handguns, BCM gives us an AR-15 stock and Stag Arms releases handgun-caliber semiautomatic rifles.