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New NRA News Contributors

NRA News is proud to announce three new contributors to the commentator lineup: Gabby Franco, Chris Cheng and Nikki Turpeaux. The newest additions to the team will contribute their own unique, fresh voices to cover the trending topics and important issues surrounding the Second Amendment.


NRA 2014 Annual Meetings & Exhibits — Saturday/Sunday Presentations

If you want to know more about guns used at the Battle of the Bulge, want to learn how to prepare your mind for survival, or want to see how to become a “sheepdog” to protect your family, here are Special Presentations that cover those topics and more Saturday and Sunday at the 2014 NRA Show.

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NRA Official Call to Win!

Up for grabs are six big all-new gun collections, valuable gear with hundreds of winners guaranteed and spectacular hunts to top locations throughout North America. More than 600 winners in all. Plus if you enter right away you will be eligible for a chance to win the Great Western Gun Collection Bonus Prize.