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Has Gun Control Moved Underground? The New Tactics of the Antis

Gun control has not completely gone underground, but it has changed its tactics. Unbelievably, gun control is taking its cues from the same-sex marriage movement. New names, tactics and focus — are you prepared for the Antis’ new assault on the Second Amendment?

False Flag with Skull and Cross Bones


American Rifle + Pistol Association — A False Flag Operation?

The American Rifle + Pistol Association (R+P)—launched July 2, 2013—has billed itself as a “responsible” pro gun organization and wants to open the debate about all things firearms—“A deliberative member forum, which will allow gun owners of all perspectives to openly and candidly share their views.” It does not sound so bad when put that way, but buried a little deeper the R+P goes on to say that it is also available to non-gun owners and media in a “safe harbor” atmosphere of civility and decorum… and claims no political agenda. Is anyone else starting to smell something emanating from the south end of a northbound bull?


The Second Amendment Foundation Sues Over Microstamping

Fortunately for all of the gunslingers and shooting enthusiasts out there, we have organizations such as the National Rifle Association, Second Amendment Foundation, National Gun Rights Association and others defending our rights. The gun control crowd has taken a divide and conquer approach. Where they cannot strip us of our rights on a national scale, they are trying to pick apart one state at a time, even down to the county level if necessary.

Angela Giron Recall

Legal Issues

Another Domino Falls — Recalling Colorado Anti-Gun Senator Angela Giron

Pueblo Freedom & Rights, a 501(C) (4) organization, has successfully spearheaded a grassroots effort to recall anti-Second Amendment state senator Angela Giron (D – Pueblo Colorado). PF&R submitted over 13,570 District 3 voter recall petition signatures to the Colorado Secretary of States’ office, which easily exceeds the 11,285 signatures required to force a recall election.