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Mossberg MMR Hunter Rifle


Mossberg’s MMR Hunter

Mossberg delivers dependable, innovative, and value-packed firearms to hunters, recreational shooters, servicemen and women around the world. It is only natural that Mossberg brings the next generation of firearms to the marketplace—the MMR Hunter and MMR Tactical rifles. Read this article to learn more.

Mossberg Tactical .22 Rifle


Mossberg Tactical .22

Mossberg released their entry into the rimfire AR-15 style rifle they’ve dubbed the Tactical .22. When creating their new rifle, Mossberg saw no reason to reinvent the wheel. They essentially put a 702 Plinkster inside an AR-15 style body. The Tactical .22 utilizes standard Plinkster magazines housed inside an AR style magazine body. Naturally it also has the Plinkster’s well known accuracy and reliability.