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Suomi 9mm KP-31 Parts Kit – WX-114

I just opened the box on this Suomi KP-31 parts kit. I breathed in the essence of Cosmoline, instantly taken back to my days of cleaning friend’s SKSs and Mosins. Someone should make a cosmoline-scented candle, you know for the guys. What I found inside was not any great surprise. This is a parts kit.

AMM 653 Ammo and cartridge


Military Surplus Ammunition

Ammunition availability is something experienced shooters consider when purchasing a firearm. Check out this post for tips on getting the right kind.

Camo vest with light tans and greens, on a white background

Gear, Parts and Accessories

MultiCam Pattern Camouflage

Made in the USA, MultiCam use a unique, non-repeating pattern to prevent our troops, and you, from being seen. Read this post to see how the MultiCam how they use the brain’s ability to use pattern recognition to achieve this goal.