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Four Under $40

Aftermarket options for the AR-15 and its variants are legion. I don’t think it’s possible for a single human being to scratch the surface of all the available handguards, optics, mounts, suppressors, and other geegaws out there, some of which can be quite spendy. However, I’ve recently bought a handful of inexpensive items for my AR that have delivered a lot of bang for the buck. Some have been mentioned in previous posts, but they’re worth a few more words to explain why you might consider them for your own rifle. Also, please comment below and tell everyone what inexpensive AR items you have that deliver a lot of utility for not a lot of money.



Oppose the Second Amendment… Pay The Price

They say all politics are local. Perhaps that is still true, but if you asked Colorado’s Senate president, John Morse, he may tell you otherwise. That’s likely because he could soon make Colorado political history—by being the first lawmaker in the state to be recalled. Donations to support his recall have come from much more than simply local advocates. In fact, they have been attributed to every corner of the nation, from Washington D.C. to Alaska.


HiViz Shooting Systems Moves to Wyoming; Magpul Sets Up Shop… Where?

HiViz Shooting Systems has announced that it will move to Wyoming as the company fulfills its promise to leave Colorado due to recent changes in Colorado state gun-control legislation. Also, magazine maker Magpul has begun making its products outside Colorado in an as-yet-to-be-named state, and some companies associated with Magpul have also said they plan to leave the state immediately.

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What Would the World be Like Without Magpul and PMAG 30s?

In their zeal to jump on the anti-gun agenda, lawmakers in Colorado have proposed banning the sale or manufacture of high-capacity magazines. The law would go well beyond Colorado’s borders by banning the manufacture of products to be sold out-of-state. Magpul would be unable to remain in business as a Colorado company, and the over 200 jobs for direct employees and nearly 700 jobs at our subcontractors and suppliers would pick up and leave Colorado. While it seems simple enough to just up-and-move to a more gun-friendly state, the logistics, licensing, environmental permits and costs would still be difficult but possible. We like Colorado, we want to continue to operate in Colorado, but most of all, we want Colorado to remain FREE.

Exactly what I have been waiting for.


Product Review: Magpul for Girls

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Magpul makes women-specific products and because their products are so good, I purchased some accessories to show off just how much Magpul rocks my world.


Smith & Wesson Adds MOE and Viking Tactics Models to the M&P Rifle Line

On January 17, 2012, Smith & Wesson® announced their newest additions to their M&P15 rifle line, the M&P15 MOE Mid and the M&P15 VTAC® II. Riding from an already highly successful partnership with Magpul®, Smith & Wesson’s new M&P15 MOE Mid now comes with a co-branded Magpul and Smith & Wesson lower that is only available at Smith & Wesson. Also new on both models is the mid-length gas system, which provides less recoil and more accurate follow-up shots. Smith & Wesson as also added their patent-pending enhanced flash hider.