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Mossberg 500 Lisa Methany and Turkey


Mossberg Model 500 — 10 Million Strong and Growing

In just a few short years, the Mossberg Firearm Company will be celebrating 100 years as one of this country’s top firearm manufactures. Wilhelmina and I plan to return to the fields of South Dakota to celebrate and to prove she has indeed taught me a few things over the years.

DIY Fire starter

Camping & Survival

Easy to Make and Take Fire Starters

All of the material needed to make these do-it-yourself fire starters can usually be found for FREE. We all like free and easy do-it-yourself projects and this one really comes in handy. Lightweight and easy to carry, long-burning fire starters are perfect for backpacking, camping or home use.

Invest in a Good, Quality Crossbow


9 Good Reasons to Invest in Archery Equipment

Movies such as Hunger Games proved to not only be entertaining, it was a bold reminder we need to start thinking about our daily must-haves for survival such as food and water. Also, what we might have to go through if those items do become scarce.

In the movie, one of main characters favorite pieces of equipment was a bow and arrow. If you are unfamiliar with archery equipment—or tackle as it is sometimes called—here is a quick overview of archery equipment.

Rhode and Girl

Competitive Shooting

USA Shooter Profile: Kim Rhode

USA Olympic team member Kim Rhode is more than just a girl with a gun who has won a few matches. She is, in fact, a major role model in the shooting industry complete with a long list of accolades and plenty of hardware to prove it.

Flooded out House

Camping & Survival

Survival Planning 101: Preparing for a Flood

Floods are one of the most costly of all natural disasters. In the last 10 years, flooding cost the U.S. more than $2.9 million dollars in damage. Of all presidential-declared U.S. natural disasters, 90% involved flooding. It can and has happened in all 50 states. Flooding can happen in a matter of minutes as is the case with flash flooding. Or you may have several days of advance warning of a threat from a flood, such as the type caused by spring thaws. Although you may live in a low-risk area, emergency preparedness officials want you to remember this, if it rains where you live, even a minimal amount each year, than it has the potential to flood.

Browning's Buckmark


Browning Firearms — An American Success Story

One of Browning’s most notable firearms was the classic M1911, a single-action pistol. This popular pistol quickly became standard issue for the military and was issued and carried by the United States armed forces for nearly 75 years.