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Safety and Training

How to Train with Lasers Video Series

A brand-new six-part video series called “Training With Lasers,” created by Crimson Trace Corporation with support by the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Education & Training Division, touches on how shooters can use lasers to improve the most important elements of shooting handguns safely and accurately.

Universal rail green laser mounted to a GLOCK.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

SHOT 2015—Crimson Trace Goes Green

Crimson Trace brought a variety of products with them to SHOT Show 2015—many of them green lasers. From Lasergrips to Laserguards, Crimson Trace has a laser for every popular handgun on the market—including the M&P Shield, GLOCK 42, Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and the new Ruger LCR/X. The company highlighted 11 products at its booth and a few of them caught our eye, especially the universal Rail Master green laser for pistols, shotguns and rifles—including AR-15. Read more about Crimson Trace’s new lasers on the Shooter’s Log.

LaserLyte rear sight laser

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Throwback Thursday—Pistol Lasers

Many new gun owners or first-time buyers make their final decision on a self-defense pistol due to the integrated laser. Guns like the S&W Bodyguard and Ruger LCP are popular. There are quite a few different schools of thought on the usefulness of pistol lasers. In “Pistol Lasers,” the author explores the differences between Crimson Trace, LaserMax and LaserLyte laser aiming systems, as well as discusses the benefits of using a laser for training.

AR-15 style bolt-action rifle with black tactical stock, bipod and riflescope.


There is a First Time for Everything—Four Firearm Industry Firsts

By replacing the front pivot pin on a standard AR-15, Patriot Ordnance has created an AR-15 style bolt-action rifle legal in all 50 states—even states with assault rifle bans. The POF-USA ReVolt bolt-action rifle is also the first bolt gun able to convert to semiautomatic. This is industry first is part of The Shooter’s Log four new industry firsts list. LaserLyte releases its first Center Mass laser for handguns, BCM gives us an AR-15 stock and Stag Arms releases handgun-caliber semiautomatic rifles.

black ACOG rifle scope

Gear, Parts and Accessories

New Lights, Lasers, Scopes and Optics

Without having to spend thousands for a fancy name brand optic, serious shooters want a top quality glass without breaking the bank. Many optics manufacturers introduced great scopes, lasers and other optics that give you clear, high-definition lenses. Here are five new optics that allow you to be more accurate, including a new ACOG from Trijicon with a .300 AAC Blackout illuminated reticle, a rechargeable laser from FireField and the brightest AA flashlight on the market.

bolt-action rifle from Weatherby finished in a brown camo

Gear, Parts and Accessories

New Guns and Accessories From Cheaper Than Dirt!

Slide Fire has released the coolest customized rifle I have seen in a long time. The BFR-556 originates as the very popular Colt 6920, but ends up a belt-fed, bump fire AR-15 that you cannot get anywhere else. You have to check it out. This week’s new guns also include Kahr Arms CW9, CW40 and CW45 in Cerakote burnt bronze, seriously long-range hunting bolt-action rifle, the Weatherby Mark V Terramark RC. Plus a few accessories for your revolvers and GLOCK 42.

Image shows a desert tan plastic box that holds AR-15 magazines

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Five New Accessories You Don’t Need

There are plenty of times we buy stuff we do not need. “Because it’s cool” is a valid reason to buy a new gun, accessory or survival item. Sometimes a product that seems silly comes in handy during competition, survival, camping, hunting or hiking. Some of the weirdest items have gotten me out of a pinch when I’m out in the middle of nowhere and forgot an essential piece of my gear. These five new accessories include a magazine can for your cache, magazine koozies, a harpoon, a deck of “tactical” playing cards and LaserLyte’s newest trigger guard laser for Hi-Point pistols. Check out this week’s newest products from Cheaper Than Dirt! Be prepared to be surprised how useful many of these accessories can be.