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Democrat Claims Paris Terrorists may Have got AKs from U.S.

An anti-gun Democratic Representative from Chicago was interviewed and revealed how clueless she is about the availability of guns in America. Hear her blame the terrorism attacks on American gun rights in this blog post. You’ll get either a good laugh or get good angry… maybe a bit of both.

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Chicago Pays the NRA… Again!

A perennial champion of the Second Amendment, the NRA strikes another victory for the Second Amendment raising Chicago’s anti-gun law reimbursement to over $1.5 million!

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The Next Wave of Firearm Control Measures

As with any tragedy that involves a firearm, politicians are quick to purpose gun control legislation, if not an out right bans on guns. In just 10 days, California, Massachusetts, Chicago and Rhode Island representatives have purposed sweeping legislation that makes it even more difficult for legal gun owners to exercise their Constitutional right to own a gun and defend themselves. Here are the latest purposed gun bills throughout the states, including details on the passed Thompson-King Amendment, that may affect your ability to purchase a firearm.

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Restrictive, Cumbersome Gun Laws Burden Law-Abiding Citizens

Some states have laws that make it more difficult than ever for law-abiding citizens to own and carry guns. Loose interpretation of the laws that govern firearms has ignited much debate. From California to Illinois to Connecticut and a few states in between, this article exposes some of the gun controls now in place to ensure what law-makers believe is the safety or well-being of citizens. Read this article and draw your own conclusions.

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Illinois Concealed Carry Law

This week, Chicago police announced that the city’s first quarter (2014) murder rate was the lowest since 1958. Coincidence? Weather? Read the details and then make the call.

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Chalk One Up for the Good Guys! Defending the Second Amendment

We get plenty of bad news when it comes to legal battles and regulations regarding our Second Amendment rights. Fortunately, there are several organizations fighting to retain our rights and reverse the efforts of over zealous anti-gun lawmakers. This is the first installment and recaps pro Second Amendment wins and challenges from the previous month.

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Appeals Court Strikes Down Illinois Concealed-Carry Ban

The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled Tuesday that Illinois’ total ban on carrying firearms for self-defense outside the home or business is unconstitutional. Illinois was the only state in the nation not to have some form of concealed carry after Wisconsin recently approved a carry law.