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Eastern Wild Turkey strutting in hardwood forest habitat

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Patterning Your Turkey Gun

Turkey hunting season is here! If you haven’t patterned your turkey-hunting shotgun yet, you might miss your chance at bagging a bird this year. Experiment with different loads and choke tube combinations so you know your shotgun will pattern to at least 40 yards. The Shooter’s Log provides a simple and easy understand step-by-step guide, along with a video from NSSF to show you how to pattern your turkey gun.

Wild Turkey Hunting


Turkey Loads

What is just as important as your turkey gun? Why, the ammo, of course! For a successful turkey hunt, you need a shotshell that a large enough shot size to provide adequate penetration, while still maintaining a fatal pattern at 40 yards. Turkey loads have come along way. Here our Cheaper Than Dirt!’s recommendations for the best turkey shotgun ammo.

Mossberg Turkey THUG Shotgun


Mossberg Turkey Thug Shotguns

The four Mossberg Turkey THUG pump-action shotguns feature the revolutionary Lightning Pump Action™ (“LPA”) for unmatched accuracy and adjustable fiber optic sights. Some models come in a camo finish, others have a backup fiber optic system. Read this post to find the model suited to you.

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Has the .30 Caliber’s Time Passed for Deer?

Some hunters believe that deer such as the smaller Texas whitetails, can be humanely harvested using smaller caliber ammunition while larger and heavier game such as mule deer should only be harvested with more powerful ammo capable of penetrating more deeply. From personal experience, I can tell you a .223 neck shot will drop a deer in its tracks. However…

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September Dove Season

Fall is the season to chase those gray rockets, the doves you’ve waited for. Check out this post for the prep tips to help you catch your limit.