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Silver barreled, black handled Walther PPK with a focus on the safety mechanism, against a white background


Handgun Safeties

There are many mechancial safety options for guns these days, although the #1 safety training and practice. Read this post to learn about what safety options are available.

Red dummy bullet


Dry-Fire Training at Home

Ready to take your game to the next level without braking the bank. Dry-fire practice is an essential tool whether practicing for a competition or home defense.

IWI Tavor Magazines

Competitive Shooting

Numbering Your Magazines

Numbering your gear, whether magazines, holsters or speedloaders, could mean the difference between life and death when using your gun for personal defense. It could mean the difference between “win” or “lose” at a competition. Read the post to discover why this simple step makes all the difference.

Blackhandled, dark gray barreled Walther PPK/S .380 Pocket Pistol, pointed left on a white background.


Pocket .380 Pistols

As more and more states pass laws allowing concealed carry, millions have turned to the lightweight and easily concealed pocket .380 pistol for personal defense. But which are the best pocket pistols and why? Check out this article for details on the options.

2 coopper-topped silver cartridges on a white background, one lying on its side


Defensive Handgun Loads

Picking the right defensive loading can be a challenge when there are so many options. Check out this post for tips on picking the right one for your gun.

Pair of Caucasian man's hands demonstrating the right grip for a black 1911, barrel pointed to the left on a light gray background


The Proper Pistol Grip

Although not all experts agree on which grip to use, this article shares the pros and cons of various options and shares which to use a fast draw.