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Train and Defend Ammo

The Winchester Train and Defend ammo line is the perfect way to practice well and defend yourself since you’re using the same basic ammo. Read this post for details about how to use this line to be the best shooter you can be.

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Safety and Training

Keeping Your Eyes on the Target: The Importance of Setting Shooting Goals

Where would you be without goals? Every successful competition shooter sets goals while training and practicing, as well as any athlete. To be a better shooter, you must set yourself a specific goal and figure out the ways to reach it. Psychologists say that even the act of attempting to achieve a goal makes us happier people—not to mention a better shot! If you feel like you have stagnated, gotten bored and that shooting isn’t fun anymore, why not set a new goal for your shooting? In this article, I will guide you through the steps to setting a goal.

Concealed Carry

Commonality of Handguns

Commonality among handguns purchased for different shooters in your home may mean survival. It’s one thing to have different handguns when you’re an experienced shooter. If you aren’t, or have multiple shooters in your home, making sure they are similar and that family members are properly trained and practice properly, is essential. Read this post to find out why.

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Safety and Training

Trigger Time Feedback

Fundamentals are fundamentals and not much has changed over the past century. Circa 1904, the U.S. Army’s shooting manual stated something along the following lines, “Before any practice on the range is commenced, at least a month of dry-fire practice is required.”

IWI Tavor Magazines

Competitive Shooting

Numbering Your Magazines

Numbering your gear, whether magazines, holsters or speedloaders, could mean the difference between life and death when using your gun for personal defense. It could mean the difference between “win” or “lose” at a competition. Read the post to discover why this simple step makes all the difference.


Gun School Gear

Training makes you a better shooter and making sure you have the right gear saves you time and money. Read this post on the right gear to have.