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Crimson Trace’s grip is soft, smooth and comfortable.


Pink Pistols: Bersa Thunder .380 with Pink Crimson Trace Lasergrips

Before shooting a gun I have never shot before, I read reviews to get a general idea of what problems I could encounter while shooting it. Generally, this means I get a preconceived notion of what the gun is going to be like. Sometimes reviews are right and sometimes I find in my opinion reviews are really off the mark. Often, guns surprise me. Everyone raved about the S&W Shield, but I personally don’t like it. Sometimes I think I am going to hate a gun, but end up falling for it. As is the case in the Bersa Thunder .380. Reviews are mixed. Many said it was a cheap gun, malfunctioned, heavy with a bad trigger. Other reviews mentioned zero malfunctions, reliability and a great grip. However, all reviewers mentioned the accuracy of the Bersa Thunder .380 and I agree. The Bersa Thunder .380 is by far the most accurate gun I have reviewed in a long time. I achieved less than 3” groups from 20 feet consistently. As it stands, would I recommend the Bersa Thunder as your number one concealed carry gun? Probably not, but I would be more than happy to take this accurately pink number off my friend’s hands.

The S&W M&P 22 slide functions smooth as butter.

Range Reports

Range Report: Smith & Wesson M&P .22 Pistol

Looking almost identical to its bigger brothers and sisters, the S&W M&P .22 pistol is the perfect trainer if you own or plan to own one of S&W’s 9mm or .40 caliber M&Ps. Introduced in 2011, the .22 LR M&P is made by Walther in Germany. Though the rimfire M&P looks similar to the centerfire models, the two are functionally different. While the centerfire M&P is striker-fired, the rimfire models have an internal hammer. The slide is as smooth as butter and those who have issues with pulling back a slide on a semi-automatic pistol will be pleasantly surprised at the ease of cocking it. As a trainer, teaching a new shooter, a fun plinker or rimfire competition gun, the S&W M&P 22 rimfire pistol is excellent for its ergonomics, reliability and functionality.