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NRA Life of Duty Frontlines

This month, NRA Life of Duty Correspondent Chuck Holton reports from Southern West Virginia – an area with the highest prescription drug overdoses in the United States. Look for the full report later this month and watch the trailer at the link below.



United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Cheaper Than Dirt’s Shooter’s Log is a content site designed to make information readily available to members of the community. Occasionally, someone will interject a personal opinion, and to do so, is the very definition of a blog. The term “blog” can be used as a noun meaning a journal or as a verb meaning to add or maintain content. Unfortunately, it has become the conduit by which those who profess to support the Second Amendment look for information to divide our community.


NRA News Commentators: Our Job

Guarantee me that any criminal or any future criminal in this country doesn’t have and won’t have access to the weapon of their choice. Whether it be from the very real black or shipped over one of our borders. Only when you can give me that type of tremendous assurance, only then can you even begin to think about changing the rights of the good people that follow the rules.

National Rifle Association


The Internet is One of Our Best Weapons

Amid the rhetoric from politicians and reporters, average gun owners like you began filling social media sites and inboxes with support for personal freedom. A spontaneous grass-roots effort to stand together slowly started to overshadow the knee-jerk sentiment floating around the blogosphere.


NRA News: Power Breeds Arrogance

In this week’s episode, Dom Raso addresses the matter of personal protection. Dom Raso is A U.S. Navy SEAL veteran and says there’s not many things that can compare to serving your country and defending your freedom. That freedom applies to firearms, too. “As long as humans exist, there will be weapons in this world. We’re better off knowing how to use them and apply them for the right reasons—rather than not knowing how to use them.”

Dianne Feinstein


Will You Turn Over Your Guns?

As the implementation dates draw ever closer for shooters in some states to turn over semi-auto rifles, give up magazines of a certain size, register heretofore unregistered firearms, and perhaps have guns confiscated, some observers are saying they expect that many gunowners will not comply with new local, state, and federal gun rules. And some law-enforcement officials are saying they won’t enforce laws they believe infringe on the 2nd Amendment.