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Allen Camo Cloth Tape In Realtree


Gizmos & Gadgets — Allen Camo Cloth Tape

Camo cloth Tape has it naysayers, most of which have never used it. I started using camo tape in the ’80s when all bows came with high-gloss wood or painted finishes. A few years ago, I used a roll on a test gun that had seen better days. Once a year, I pull it out to remove the old tape, check the status and apply a new role. So far, the tape has not caused it to rust or pit, but let’s look at a few criticisms.

Calling Coyotes

Hunting and Outdoors

Gizmos & Gadgets: Coyote Juice

When a coyote comes to a cal like its tail was on fire, its nose will be working overtime as well. ‘Ol Wily’s tactic is to circle downwind to see if the nose is telling the same story the ears heard. This is where Wildlife Research Center’s deadly predator attractor scent—Coyote Juice—will tip the odds in your favor.

Ultimate Duck Call Kit


Gizmos & Gadgets — Ultimate Duck Call Kit

Learning to call ducks is not as hard as you think. Every great duck caller had to start somewhere and now it’s your turn. I received my first lesson from Buck Gardner, a Champion of Champion duck caller. After that, you’ll need a call. There are single and double reed calls, wood, plastic and acrylic calls to name few. Buy a beginners kit such as the Ultimate Duck Call Kit with a DVD and worry about the rest later.