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One box and two loose rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition from TulAmmo

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The 12 Days of Christmas

Some enjoy the hunt of finding just the right gift, while others munch on cookies behind a computer screen ordering all their Christmas gifts online. Either way, from Black Friday to Christmas Eve, we shop, buy and smile at all the surprises about to be unwrapped on Christmas Day. All retailers show off the great gifts they have and Cheaper Than Dirt! is no exception. Check out our gift guide for gun lovers, hunters, campers, preppers and all outdoorsmen.

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12 Ammo Cans on the 12th day of Christmas for 12 Lucky Folks

Shooters and preppers know how invaluable the simple military ammo can is. Used for so much more than just storing ammo, Army ammo cans are converted into Faraday cages, burial caches, used in your garage as storage for tools and tire chains, as well as hundreds of other uses. For $13 a piece, order this 12-pack of unissued .50 caliber ammo cans from Cheaper Than Dirt!

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Gift Guide—Shooting Safety Glasses and Ear Muffs, the Browning Range Kit

Safety is a shooter’s number one priority and that includes having the right equipment. Shoddy, cheap guns can malfunction and cause injuries. Investing in quality range gear such as your hearing protection and shooting glasses can save you permanent hearing loss. Ralphie may not have shot his eye out, but to avoid accidents—give yourself and your favorite shooter a Browning range kit this Christmas.

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Gift Guide—For When You Can’t Carry: UZI Tactical Glass-Breaking Pen

Tactical pens are good for those who work in the field in law enforcement, first responders, emergency services or serve in our military. Civilians can use them too, as backup self-defense weapons, as durable and unbreakable writing implements, or as a way to get yourself out of a vehicle after an accident. There is no reason to spend a lot of money, when the UZI tactical glass-break pen works just as well and sells for less than $15. Read this article to learn more.

Gray AR-15 buttstock, pistol grip and vertical grip with black rubber textured gripping areas

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The Newest Guns and Gear Just in Time for Christmas

Just in time for Christmas, Cheaper Than Dirt! has brand new items in stock for the gun lover—Hornady’s Full Boar ammo, Umarex Fuel air rifle, Cold Steel sword, stocks made by Daniel Defense and even a full range of night vision equipment. Read more on the Shooter’s Log for these great gift ideas. However, you need to hurry, the last day for ground shipping to receive your items before Christmas is December 12.

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Top AK-47 Accessories Gift Guide

The AK-47 is the most widely owned rifle around the world. Due to its simplicity, cheap manufacturing process and reliability, you will find the AK in almost every country around the world. Owners of AKs like to modernize it with stocks, sights and other accessories. Give the gift of AK-47 gun gear this year and make sure to stock up on 7.62x39mm ammo!