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White multi-layered dehydrator with a teal rimmed lid and a on a white background.


A Prepper Gift List for the Non-Prepper

If you’re not a prepper, check this list of not-so-common gift ideas for your favorite prepper and maybe even for yourself. Whether you’re drawn to a simple shovel or a fancy food dehydrator, there’s something on this holiday gift list for every prepper you know.

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30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 7: The Best Flashlights

You may have double-checked your flashlights in early spring to prepare for spring storms, but have they been neglected since? Now is the time to check all your flashlights and candles again to make sure they are in working order. Flashlights come in an exhaustive list of shapes, sizes, functions, features, and lumens. However for power outages, the best flashlights are LEDs (LED bulbs use less battery power than Xenon or incandescent) with multiple power options, such as crank power and battery back-up, are hands free, and provide enough illumination to light up a room. In the case of a power outage, what are the best flashlights? The following are a few of my favorites.


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Gizmos and Gadgets: CR123A Batteries

While updating the storm prep supplies in between severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings, I stopped by a national chain store with the intent to pick up new batteries. The CR123A batteries were between $6 and $9 each! With a half-dozen or so flashlights all using two to three batteries each, that puts a pinch on the ‘ol budget. I decided to do a little surfing and came across Cheaper Than Dirt!’s dozen pack of Surefire CR123A also known as the SF123A batteries. The total package price for 12 was less than $2.00 per battery plus shipping.

SureFire Fury PX2 Flashlight

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Three Bright Options for Flashlights

Ask any hiker, camper or outdoorsman, what their top picks for must-carry equipment would be. Chances are a quality handheld flashlight will be on their short list of essential gear. A flashlight is certainly on my list. You can find flashlights at nearly every price point; from cheap one-dollar throwaway types all the way up to quality handheld models that cost hundreds of dollars. When it comes to flashlights, many of us have learned the hard way—you often get exactly what you pay for. Here are three quality flashlights worthy of serious consideration.

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Review: Kaito Voyager Emergency Radio

The Voyager is more than a one-trick pony though and can be operated or charged via the AC adapter, built-in rechargeable batteries, solar panel or USB port. And speaking of solar panels, the Voyager’s panel can easily be articulated. The Voyager features extremely efficient charging technologies that make sense. For instance, you can play the radio for about 20 minutes after charging the radio for about a minute using the crank handle. This is one of those mileage may vary statements, because signal strength, solar assistance and volume would all effect the charge, but you get the idea.


Stand and Fight: Cheaper Than Dirt and NRA Offer $300 Lifetime Membership

Cheaper Than Dirt and the National Rifle Association are offering a $300 lifetime membership to the National Rifle Association. By joining the NRA today, you can receive a one-year membership for only $25. A three-year membership is now only $70; the five-year membership only costs $100; and the lifetime membership is discounted to only $300! Plus you can receive a free range bag and flashlight when you join or renew your membership.


BLACKHAWK Legacy X6P, X9P, X6 Night-Ops Hand Held Flashlights

Light it up! The three handheld flashlights from BLACKHAWK are a very good choice in tactical illumination. The name BLACKHAWK has always meant quality to me when it comes to most anything tactical. These three lights are no different. For the person not able to spend close to $100.00 on a light for there night shooting or to attach to their shotgun you will thrilled with these lights.