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Try a New Hobby During the Ammo Shortage: Archery, Fishing and Air Guns Provide Satisfaction and Enjoyment

One of the reasons I love shooting so much is the visible and tangible reward of my improvement. Other outdoor pursuits such as boating, hiking and camping offer mental rewards, but you have nothing to show for it besides a smile afterward. If you’re itching to find a hobby that offers the same documentable achievement while you ration your ammo, why don’t you give archery, fishing or air guns a try? All three offer enjoyment and sense of accomplishment like shooting and hunting. Plus, every member of the family can learn all three skills.

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Gearing Up for Bowfishing

The weather should just be getting ripe for bowfishing. Never tried it before? Who cares? You get to shoot fish! When bowfishing, the action can be fast and for most shots you will be snap shooting, not aiming. Do not think of a rifle and scope but more of throwing a football. When throwing a football, you just look at the target and let it rip. You’ll want to do the same when bowfishing. When you see your target, pull back and let string go—grip it and rip it style!