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Cheaper Than Dirt! News Briefs February 20, 2015

Generally, we are on top of all the major headline news when it comes to affecting our Second Amendment rights. The Shooter’s Log writers report on breaking news that affects gun owners nationwide. However, every day, gun control laws are presented at the state and local level. Read eight important stories regarding gun legislation happening around the United States in the Shooter’s Log news briefs.

Official photo of Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty


Federal Ban on Magazine Capacities Introduced

Those insistent on banning guns will stop at nothing to take gun owner’s God-given rights away. In the latest push for gun control, lawmakers introduced a bill banning magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. The bill has 100 co-sponsors, more than any sponsors gun ban laws had in the last Congress. Even stricter than the 1994 federal “assault weapons” ban, this new bill has no grandfather clause. Read the language of the bill in this breaking news story.

Picture shows a black polymer rifle magazine for the AR-15.


High Powered Headlines: August 11, 2014

Today’s firearm news headlines come from the state level. If gun control legislation is not happening at the federal level, you can bet it is happening on some local level and today. New Jersey cops confiscate a man’s legal firearms, while even Vermont is discussing universal background checks and mandatory waiting periods. On a better note—a Supreme Court in Arizona has ruled that carrying a firearm is not a legitimate reason to be stopped and searched. We like good news; unfortunately, we just have to take the bad with the good. Check out today’s High Powered headlines to see if your state is doing something you need to write your representatives about.

Picture shows a vintage German military surplus flare gun kit.


High Powered Headlines: July 30, 2014

As soon as citizens of the District Columbia are granted the right to carry a handgun outside the home, it is taken away. Judge Scullion gave Washington D.C. 90 days to enact carry laws before people are allowed to exercise the Second Amendment rights. In other news, Ruger announces its new striker-fired 9mm the LC9s and the push to strengthen background checks comes back up in the Senate.

Beretta's PX4 Storm 9mm compact pistol


High Powered Headlines: July 24, 2014

Stormtroppers terrorizing a small Kansas town leads to banning open carry in public buildings, the phrase, “What guns? I lost them in a tragic boating accident” takes on a whole new meaning and Cook County, Illinois residents will be allowed to express their opinions on the assault weapons ban, all in today’s high powered headlines—your best source for all firearm industry news.

Pciture shows a Cerakoted Daniel Defense rifle.


High Powered Headlines: July 22, 2014

The usual suspects are at it again…do they ever stop? California courts refuse a rehearing on hollow point ammunition ban. While Missouri gun owners achieve a small victory. Nevertheless, what wins for coolest gun news of the day is SilencerCo’s announcement of the first ever shotgun suppressor. Don’t get discouraged, it isn’t all bad. Click to read today’s top gun industry headlines.