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Hunter Ed Course instructor explaining zone of fire to a young hunter.

Hunting and Outdoors

5 Tips to Ensure a Safe Zone of Fire in the Field

Hunting day is here. We’re all excited on that first day of hunting, but we must remember that safety in the field is the number one priority. A key rule of hunter safety training is to make sure you understand the concept of a safe “Zone of Fire” and that all your hunting buddies do too.

Picture shows a silver Beretta handgun with the slide locked back.

Safety and Training

There is no Such Thing as an “Accidental Discharge…”

While I suspect all negligent discharges do not occur on purpose (the opposite of accidental), if looking critically at the definition of what accidental and negligent means, you will find that in fact, accidental discharges are intentional and 100 percent avoidable. Negligence means, “Failure to take proper care in doing something.” An accidental discharge is just that—you did not take the correct precautionary steps to prevent the gun from firing. Read this article to learn more about handling firearms safely.

Picture shows a woman holding a black AR-15 chambered for .458 SOCOM in front of steel target.


Why I Love the AR-15: A Woman’s Perspective

It wasn’t that long ago when it felt like the AR-15 rifle was purchased exclusively by men. Sure, we would shoot our husband’s, boyfriend’s or guy friend’s, but up until about a year ago, not one woman shooter I know had purchased her own AR-15. Now I know plenty who researched, picked out and own their very own AR-15. Rough estimates put the AR-15 as the most commonly owned firearm and favorite rifle in America and I know why. I love the AR-15.

Man holding a camo shotgun in the field

Safety and Training

Put Down the Gun Before You Down the Brew

Saying goodbye to summer, we use the day now to spend time with friends and family at the lake, celebrating with brews and bar-b-ques. It is also the weekend dove season opens in many states. A lot of us will be choosing to shoot over Labor Day weekend. Do me a favor—let us all vow to shoot and drink responsibly, but not together, okay?

Springfield 3.3 XD-S

Consumer Information

Springfield Armory 3.3 XD-S Safety Recall

Springfield Armory® is initiating this voluntary safety recall to upgrade 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm and 3.3 XD-S™ .45ACP pistols with new components, which eliminate the possibility of a potentially dangerous condition. Read this safety alert if you own an X-DS pistol.

Stand Your Ground extends the rights to defend ourselves outside the home with no duty to retreat. Picture By: Oleg Volk

Legal Issues

What is Stand Your Ground Law? Understanding Legal Deadly Force

Now over 20 states have some form of no duty to retreat law. Misinterpreted as “shoot first” laws, many people do not understand that a Stand your Ground Law is simply an extension of the Castle Doctrine. It is not a shoot first ask questions later law. One cannot shoot simply because they are afraid. In all justified homicides, in the public domain and in your home, the person you shoot must have the ability to harm you, the opportunity, and have put you in jeopardy. You cannot legally apply unreasonable force.

Captain Campbell is wringing out the Daniel Defense rifle.


A Love Affair with the ArmaLite

When the one you love lets you down it isn’t a good feeling. However, just the same—you need to do your maintenance! The AR-15 rifle is a low maintenance firearm compared to the many self-loaders that preceded it, although it wasn’t the first low maintenance military rifle. The M1 .30 Carbine earned that distinction. There are a few little tricks to the AR-15 rifle that will result in a long life, an accurate rifle and good shooting.

A young girl is learning how to shoot a rifle, while her father helps.


National Take Your Daughter to The Range Day

I owe our healthy relationship to my father, who laid down the foundation at an early age. Before I became interested in boys, my dad took me on monthly outings—just him and I. These weren’t short trips to the ice cream shop either, but all-day and sometimes all-weekend adventures. Every single outing involved being outdoors. We hiked, swam, fished, camped, caved, and rode horses. Because of my dad being a fun, loving, supporting and present buddy in my young girl life I ended up with a sense of wonder, high-self esteem, independence, fearlessness, and above all respect for myself, nature, and others. Lay your foundations by taking your daughter to the range on Saturday June 15, 2013.