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Three pistols, one GLOCK with a .22 TCM 9R conversion kit

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SHOT 2015—RIA .22 TCM 9R GLOCK Conversion Kit

The Shooter’s Log writers are big fans of Armscor’s .22 TCM round. We were especially intrigued when we saw GLOCKs at the RIA booth. The company has developed a working production model of its .22 TCM 9R GLOCK 17 Gen 3 conversion kit. With a barrel, guide rod and recoil spring, you can shoot the brand new .22 TCM 9R round through your GLOCK 17 9mm, using GLOCK mags. We have more information in our blog “SHOT 2015—RIA .22 TCM 9R GLOCK Conversion Kit.”

Picture shows a post-ban AK-47 with a black receiver and wood fixed thumbhole stock.


Converting Your Post-Ban AK-47 to be 922(r) Exempt

In 1989, President Bush made it illegal to import many semiautomatic firearms that did not serve any “sporting” purposes. After the ban, any imported AK-47s did not have folding or collapsible stocks, pistol grips or standard capacity magazines. If you are stuck with a post-ban AK-47 with a thumbhole stock, but want to make it 922(r) complaint with a different stock and other cool parts, then follow our step-by-step guide on how to make that post-ban a pre-ban AK! We’ll guide you on what parts to get, how to install them and what the heck 922(r) means anyway.


How to Convert Your AR-15 to .22 LR Video

The .22 conversion kit is an economical way to practice or a great introduction for those who have never shot before to get some trigger time. Watch this video to learn how easy it is to change your AR-15 to a .22 LR shooting machine.