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Suomi 9mm KP-31 Parts Kit – WX-114

I just opened the box on this Suomi KP-31 parts kit. I breathed in the essence of Cosmoline, instantly taken back to my days of cleaning friend’s SKSs and Mosins. Someone should make a cosmoline-scented candle, you know for the guys. What I found inside was not any great surprise. This is a parts kit.


Colt Percussion Revolvers

it was Samuel Colt who perfected the revolver system, leading to the formation of one of the preeminent and most historic firearms companies in the world. Discover how it evolved in this post.

Two old antique shotguns rifle on wooden table background, close-up. Top view of a hunting equipment


John Gangel on Collector Grade Firearms

Mr. Gangel has been collecting antique firearms for the better part of 50 years and knows the industry inside and out. He was gracious enough to speak at length with us about his background in firearms and give us some insights into fine gun and antique firearm collecting.