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The grip on the 27 I shot was a typical old-school Glock grip.


Self-Defense Handguns for Women: Armscor M200 .38 Revolver v. Glock 27 Semi-Automatic

Over the weekend, I had a chance to take two of my girlfriends shooting—one a beginner and one intermediate. Neither girls have a strong affinity for guns, but both own a gun for self-defense. The problem is their male partners, without their input, purchased these firearms. In the guy’s mind, both these gun purchases were thoughtful. The beginner’s husband bought her an Armscor M200 .38 Special revolver, while the intermediate shooter’s boyfriend gave her the sub-compact Glock 27 .40 S&W semi-automatic pistol. Were they correct purchase? We have three different opinions.

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Concealed Carrie: Fashionable Carry for Women

Concealed Carrie sells a variety of bags that wrap removable and adjustable holsters inside rich leather exteriors. The models include a Black Tote, $249; a Computer Ostrich bag, $299; the Satchel Brown item, $299; a Pumpkin Tote, $249; a Computer Smooth bag, $289; and the smallish Hobo Brown bag, $269.


Size Does Matter… Guns for Girls

No longer are the shooting sports a No Girls Allowed secret club. More and more women are becoming gun owners. A Gallup Poll reports that 23% of women own a firearm. In research done by the National Sporting Goods Association shows that women involved in shooting sports has grown almost 50% from 2001. A pink-free blog post from CTD Suzanne about which guns are best for girls.