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The Perfect Last Minute Gift—Instant Gift Cards from Cheaper Than Dirt!

If you find yourself scrambling for last-minute gifts, let me make your life easier. Stop stressing, log onto Cheaper Than Dirt! and get an instant E Gift Card from your favorite gun store! Cheaper Than Dirt! gift cards make the perfect gift. They never expire, you are never charged a fee and better still—they arrive almost instantly in the recipient’s email inbox. Give them the gift they really want—Cheaper Than Dirt! gift cards!


‘Range’ Report: Bite These Bullets

For the holidays, Cheaper Than Dirt! received a test sample of ammunition from, the San Diego-based confectioner whose line of candy products includes a Chocolate Bullet Military Tin, a Chocolate Hand Gun, Chocolate Shotgun Shell Tins, and other products. For the reloader, there’s also the Chocolate Ammo Candy Making Kit.