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Survival Bandana

Camping & Survival

35 Ways to Use a Bandana

One thing for sure, bandanas are here to stay. Why? Because they are cheap, lightweight, easy to find and are useful in many applications. This list is just scraping the surface of possible uses for a bandana.

Camping & Survival

Camp Like Champ!

Even though I’m a very independent woman, I’m not afraid to admit there are things that I just don’t do when single. Camping was one of them until my best friend in college and I decided we needed to float the Guadalupe River. This trip required an overnight stay in a campground. In a tent. Without electricity. She grew up participating in Camp Fire and had all the skills needed for us to not only have a fun, but also a successful and safe camping trip. Since then, I have not let anything stop me from spending a few nights out on the lake camping with the girls. With a few basic skills and equipment, you can too!

Repurposed military surplus gear makes a perfect and cheap camp set up.


Repurposing Military Surplus Gear: Camping Old School Style

Camping gear can be as expensive or as cheap as you are willing to spend. If you are planning on camping this year and need some new equipment, have you thought about repurposing military surplus gear? For light backpacking, primitive and car camping, mil-surp gear will save you a ton of money. Military surplus gear is also perfect for the kid’s backyard camping adventures. sells a wide variety of military surplus gear from all over the world. Some of it is used, some of it is new. For a great price, you can find almost all you need for a weekend camping trip in our military gear category. Now is the time to buy however, unfortunately military surplus items are getting difficult to find.