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Surefire M962LT WeaponLight

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10 Tactical Lights and Lasers for Self-Defense Long Guns

Better light on the target usually means better hits with your AR or other self-defense long gun. Here are ten lights, lasers, or light/laser duos to help you get that job done: Inforce WML Tact Light, Surefire M962LT WeaponLight, Beamshot X1-G Green Beam Laser Sight, Burris AR-Laser, Crimson Trace CMR-205 Rail Master Pro, Extreme Beam SX21-HO Remote Switch, LaserMax UNI-IR, LaserLyte Sight CM Dual Lens, CenterPoint Laser and Light Converter Kit, and the MFT Torch Back-Up Light. Check out this article for the details.

Simmons Predator Quest

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Sight Solutions for 2013

Given the rate products are flying off the shelves at Cheaper Than Dirt! and elsewhere around the country, it’s not worth being too picky in deciding which products deserve flavor of the week treatment, so I am not going to even try. I have already played with a whole goodie bag full of new offerings this year and will roll out a handful of new products each week.