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National Rifle Association


The Internet is One of Our Best Weapons

Amid the rhetoric from politicians and reporters, average gun owners like you began filling social media sites and inboxes with support for personal freedom. A spontaneous grass-roots effort to stand together slowly started to overshadow the knee-jerk sentiment floating around the blogosphere.


3 Myths about the NRA Debunked

This article debunks the rumors: “The NRA supports Universal Background Checks,” “The NRA will sell us out like the did in 1986,” and “The NRA is just a shill for the gun manufacturers!” Any other questions will gladly be answered in the comments section.

Legal Issues

Does the NRA Support or Oppose Universal Background Checks?

The liber media is attempting to split up the gun lobby by telling the public that certain gun rights groups do not have your best interests in mind. If they continue to do this to the pro-Second Amendment voters and lawmakers with false or misleading news articles, they will make it easier to pass laws that infringe on our right to keep and bare arms. While the NRA and NSSF squabble over background checks and other gun rights groups argue over other issues, the gun grabbers in Congress can slip a few bills into law and the our votes will be split on our side, preventing us from having the power to vote those bills down.