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Blue Book of Gun Values

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Blue Booking an Old Relic

I’m betting that if more people knew the monetary value of their firearms, they’d be less likely to just let them sit. I wonder how many people let their guns go for small sums of money, never knowing they let a real gem slip through their fingers. Knowing the value of your firearms could help you to collect a big payday. The Blue Book of Gun Values is a must own for all gun owners.

Two old antique shotguns rifle on wooden table background, close-up. Top view of a hunting equipment

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Rock Island Auction Company’s April Premiere Firearms Auction

If you have never had an opportunity to attend one of RIAC’s Premier Auctions, you still have at least one item that should be on your bucket list. Even if you do not have the extra $$$s to spend on one of these treasures, experiencing the auction hall is a cross between a tour of a museum and a treasure hunt. There could be historic weapons from famous, nay infamous gunfighters—pieces of history with unknown stories that would singe the hair from the back of your neck and curl your toes at the same time.

Winchester Model 1886 Takedown

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James D. Julia Auctioneers’ Outstanding March Firearms Auction

I understand that most of the people reading this (like me) do not have the buying power to own a firearm featured in a premier auction such as James Julia’s Outstanding March Firearms Auction, but that does not mean you cannot have fun fantasizing, window shopping or just looking at a piece of history. If you are someone who can afford one or more of these incredible firearms I have two things to say. First, bless you for keeping the dream alive and preserving these treasures. Second, please remember I am available for immediate adoption.

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The 19th Century Master Engravers

If you plan on adding a piece of work from a revered engraver such as Gustave Young, Conrad F. Ulrich or Louis Nimschke, you might want to start by making sure you have up to $100K in spare change lying around. If that is a bit rich for your blood, you can always search for a detailed engraving from one of the other wonderful craftsman at an auction. These will likely set you back a mere $15K to $20K.