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Will Democrats Sink the Second Amendment or be Scuttled by it?

Often times, when writing about gun rights, I have stated that it is not a Democrat or Republican issue. And while that may be true when speaking about the voting populace, the everyday Joe, it does not seem to be the case in government. For weeks now, all I have seen are headlines of gun control legislation passing this committee or that, a state legislature here or there and always down party lines. While there are exceptions, the voting record makes it clear. The Democratic Party is no friend of the Second Amendment.


All-Time Top-10 Political Posts (March 16, 2013)

Almost all shooters say they hate politics, but the sad reality is that politics affect gun access and availability more than we want to admit. Despite most shooters’ expressed dislike of these topics, political stories in The Shooter’s Log are some of our most-read items, including these top-10 posts that clearly show that battles over gun ownership never seem to go away.

Al Franken with Assault Weapons


Sen. Al Franken Wants to Hear Your AR-15 Story!

Michael Nutter, mayor of Philadelphia, stated over and over the impact of gun violence on the streets of Philadelphia. He testified why an assault weapons ban needs implementation—after the courts struck down his own city’s laws banning essentially the same weapons.

AR-15 Magazine and SKS Clip


Schumer Wants to Ban 100-Round Clips — I Have to Agree…

I just listened to the feel-good press conference about another so-called Assault Weapon Ban. It was sickening to hear the useless babble from the uneducated, uninformed lawmakers in this country until the logic struck me like a lightening bolt and really opened my eyes. Before you decide to tar-and-feather and run me out on a rail, please read the entire article…

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Let’s Redirect That Anger

Diane Feinstein is leading the charge with a new, more restrictive Assault Weapons ban. Fortunately, Feinstein knows a little something about guns. She has concealed weapons permits in at least California and Washington D.C. and who knows where else. Oh yes, Diane understands why ‘she’—a member of Congress, eligible for Secret Service protection, who works in a building guarded by armed capital police—has a need to also carry a weapon for personal protection. However, when it comes to the rank and file citizen she makes every attempt to limit our rights.

The Constitution of the United States


Is the Second Amendent Really Doomed?

We thought there was a run on firearms back in March. I say thought, because as robust as sales were in March, those figures do not hold a candle to today’s numbers. There was a huge run that started just before the election. It increased substantially after President Obama’s re-election. Numbers were still high right up to the Sandy Hook shootings when they went off the charts setting new records.

100 Round Beta C-Mag for the AR15

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Get Ahead of Assault Weapons Ban 2

Judging by the rapid sale of lower receivers and firearms that we have experienced in the last few hours, the buy-up is only going to get worse. Suppliers and manufacturers aren’t going to be able to keep up. We have no idea what’s in store for the industry. Don’t take your chances, buy high-capacity magazines, ammo and pistol grips now.