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Picture shows an aluminum 30-round pink AR-15 magazine.

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Five Cheap Ways to Dress up Your AR-15

They say the AR-15 is like Legos for adults, but I say it’s like Barbie Dolls for grown women. One of the best things about the AR-15 is its adaptability, versatility and interchangeability. There are so many aftermarket accessories for the black rifle and now that the firearms industry has taken notice of how many women shooters there are and women’s buying power, we are seeing many of these AR-15 accessories come in pink. If you like a hint of color and do not want to spend a lot, check out these five colorful and cheap accessories for your AR-15.

Black AR-15 and Nikon Riflescope on a gray-to-white background


AR-15: Nikon M-223 Riflescope and More

Bob Campbell takes a hard look at the Nikon M-223 riflescope as well as other important features for the modern AR-15 rifle. Check out this post to discover why it is such a powerhouse for three-gun, varmint hunting and tactical use.

Picture shows a trigger guard laser sight on a GLOCK 42 pistol.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Five New Gun Products

You got the guns, now you need accessories. If you are focusing on self-defense, LaserLyte just released a new laser for the GLOCK 42, the best tactical flashlight company gives us the ultra compact E1D Defender, while PMC has packed 9mm, .380 ACP and .45 ACP ammo in convenient vinyl battle packs for easy transport or long-term storage. This week’s new product spotlight includes a lit bit of something for every shooter.

Picture shows a black, compact illuminated dot sight in a mount for AR-15 rifles.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

5 New Products to Add to Your AR-15 Arsenal

Stuff for the AR-15 just keeps getting cooler. Have you heard of the Browe Sport (BSO) optic yet? It doesn’t need batteries to illuminate its .223 Rem or .300 BLK calibrated reticles. Just Right Carbine builds rifles in pistol calibers and if you haven’t updated to the KeyMod rail system yet, now is the time with Midwest Industries affordable and lightweight handguard. These, plus more in the five newest and coolest AR-15 accessories product spotlight. Click to read more.

Picture shows the Luth-AR MBA fixed AR-15 stock with adjustable length of pull.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Seven New Products You Need to Know About

Have you been eagerly awaiting new AR-15 products, rifle and accessories? How about polymer magazines for your Mosin Nagant or the very cool Brunton hydrogen reactor that needs absolutely no outside source to generate energy? We have seven new and exciting products to tell you about. I’m sure after reading you will find at least one you can’t live with out.