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Patenet diagram of self-destructing bullet


Army Engineers Patent ‘Limited Range’ 50-Cal Bullet

A proof-of-concept bullet developed by the U.S. Army will disable after flying a certain distance, helping to prevent injuries from stray rounds. Click to read how the bullet, equipped with a reactive material that will ignite when the bullet is fired, burns during flight, making the bullet unstable.


‘Top 10’ Most-Read Articles

This compilation of the most-read Shooter’s Log articles from the last quarter talks about a range of topics, from gun taxes to the sticky issue of legal deadly force to how to buy an AK-47. Click the headlines to check them out for yourself.

Leader 50 BMG


The Travel Size .50 BMG

Admittedly, I’ve never been a huge fan of bullpups. It is more than just the way they look. Much of the bullpup market relegates itself to badly fitting aftermarket conversions that take a fair amount of dremeling and hammering to make a proper fit.

Colt AR-15 Magpul MOE 6920


Five Ultimate American Firearms

If you prefer to buy American, but have been disappointed lately at all the affordable firearms built overseas, check out these five ultimate American-made firearms—and not all will break the bank.